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In winter season silver suits them best and women love to wear sterling silver during Christmas and New Year parties. Along with the Winter Party Wear Outfits, Christmas Décor Ideas and New Year Décor Ideas, women and men both cannot forget about jewelry even.

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Sterling silver due to its value, style, and durability has become one of the most popular metals which are used for jewelry. Not only most used but has also become the “go-to-jewelry” for many people. A person must also know how to make the jewelry long-lasting and shiny along with the desire to have. Sterling silver is made when copper and silver are mixed together ultimately resulting in a more durable and strong metal than pure silver. 

Although sterling silver is stronger and more durable than pure silver, it is more prone to tarnishing as compared to pure silver and requires more care even.

So to make the sterling silver long-lasting and look like new always, here are certain ways to clean it which are not only effective but also easy to perform.


The most effective and best way to prevent tarnishing of sterling steel is to keep it in a dry place. Wearing sterling silver during a shower or in a pool has to be avoided. Cleaning it with a polishing cloth before storing it in a dry place can prevent tarnishing to a great extent right away.

This is because polishing cloth helps in removing oxidation from silver thus keeping it clean and moisture-free. 

There is a good thumb rule which can be followed-“last on, first off”. This simply means it should be the last piece to be worn while dressing up and the first thing to remove and wipe it properly and store in a dry place. 


Cleaning solutions are very convenient, ready to use, silver cleaning method that helps in removing oils, dirt, sweat, cosmetics from different types of jewelry and sterling silver jewelry. Silver cleaners are created to be non-abrasive and offer appropriate ratio amongst solution to clean your silver without damaging them with harsh chemicals, scrubbing, or brushing. This helps in keeping the precious and Festive Jewellery for Men as new forever. 

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Sterling Silver cleaning pre-moistened wipes is a convenient and easily available silver cleaning method that offers a quick alternative to cleaning your silver jewelry. Silver wipes are pretreated with a smooth and effective formula to clean and restore luster and shine. Combining cloth and cleaning solution for a convenient, beneficial silver cleaning method. 


Always keep in mind that it is very easy and advisable to prevent sterling silver from tarnishing than to remove it once it is there. The above mentioned 3 unique and effective ideas will surely help you out in this.
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