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6 Basic Tools That Every Person Needs to Become a Fashion designer

6 Basic Tools That Every Person Needs to Become a Fashion designer

Fashion Designing has always been about using the correct equipment and that too properly. Correct usage of the designing tools and equipment is very important while designing any dress like Winter Wears for Men, Winter Wear for Women, Trending Festive or Diwali Outfits or say a Wedding Dress.

These tools are such that without them no dress can be made and no designer is complete. So if you also wish to become a complete fashion designer who knows proper and correct usage of the below-mentioned tools and equipment, then join the Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology which is situated in Bapu Nagar, Jaipur and is one of the Top Fashion Designing Institutes in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Let us have a look at the tools and equipment because the following is the basic 6 tools that every person needs to become a fashion designer:

Pair of Scissors

All this you must have been thinking that a fashion designer works with just one type of scissor (I also had the same thoughts), but trust me there is more than just one type of scissor.

Shear Scissors: This type of scissor is a bit heavy as it is used to cut the various types of fabrics available.

Card Scissors: This type of scissor is used to cut the cardboard design which makes the sewing phase easier.

Light-Weight Scissors: This type of scissor is very light in and is used to cut cloth materials like silk, linen etc.

Pair of Scissors

Measure Tape

I have always seen designers having a measuring tape around their neck. I’m sure you also must have seen it. While designing things do get a bit messy. Fashion designers usually keep three measure tapes with them- one around the neck, second in the toolbox and third in the fabric shopper.
Measure tape is a very important tool as it allows and helps to create picture-perfect fitting clothes. If you also wish to pursue a fashion degree in the future then consider these 6 points before pursuing fashion designing.

Measuring Tape for Designing a Dress


Tailor’s Chalk

Chalk is very important in designing work because you cannot use a pen on the fabrics as they might get inked. Thus it is better to use tailor’s chalk and even better if you use it in different colors for different work. Draw lines on the fabric to get a better understanding of the dress. Just draw the lines once you are done with the measurement and you can start snipping it away.

Tailor's Chalk


Every designer has a dressmaker dummy as it allows you to make dresses in all sizes. The dummy gives an idea of how the whole dress is going to look when it is completely made and how it will look on a real person. It is time-effective as it saves time from making changes if a dress piece does not fit in a body part.



Pearl Head Pins

The pearl head pins help us get a pre-sewing idea of how the dress or outfit is going to appear post-sewing. These are available in the perfect size to sink into the dummy and these are also easy to grab.

Pearl Heads for Designing a Dress


Sewing Machine

Which fashion designer is complete without a sewing machine! Just imagine you are done with the design, fabric, labor and everything else but how are you going to implement without a sewing machine.

Sewing Machine for Designing a Dress



Just to wrap up, if you have the right fashion designing tools and equipment, your job just gets easier. There is no need for you to be creative to become a fashion designer. The correct tools and proper usage will automatically guide you towards success.
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