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8 Common Fashion Mistakes Needs to be Avoided by Women.

8 Common Fashion Mistakes Needs to be Avoided by Women.

All the women in the world always want to look good especially with the clothes. Even if you are a casual type of girl or trendy type, all just want to look good. And sometimes we tend to do fashion mistakes.
The worst part, sometimes we are not even aware of them. Simply, because no one tells us about it, our family and friends are used to it, so they are also not able to help us.
But girls it’s 2019, and we need to wake up and should keep a check on how we handle our styles and should know the facts regarding the same

Here is a list of common fashion mistakes that almost every woman has made at some point in life. Let us go through them:






1. Completely Ignoring Comfort 

Ignoring Comfort

If one is living with the motive that being stylist means discomfort, then give a second thought to it. Wearing something that does not fit you will only make you look awkward.

2. Not Trying It On

Not Trying It On

We all love to go shopping but there is this habit of not trying the clothes on just because we think that it is our size and will surely look good on us. Always remember that not all the stores have the same sizing and also that not all the clothes are made for all the body types. So take out time and just try the clothes before buying them.

3. Following The Trends

Following the Trends

There is nothing wrong in being trendy and following the trends. Who doesn’t loves to be fashionable all the time? Right? What’s wrong is following the trend that is not for your body type or age.
Know your body type and then buy the clothes that will make you look good and fashionable. So be smart.

4. Wearing Too Many Styles at a Time

While being fashionable we often wear too many styles together at one time, but this is the mistake that you are making. To avoid this, the tip is that learn to maintain a balance amongst your outfits and accessories and thus making it look simple yet fashionable.

5. Taking The Belt for Granted

Taking Belt for Granted

The belt is not just an accessory, rather it is a necessity. The belt can easily change the way you look. It can make you look sexy, trendy or younger. Wear belt not just with the shorts or jeans but with also dresses.

6. Over-Accessorizing

Not with every outfit, you need a statement necklace, dangly earrings, fringe bag, and a belt, don’t you think it’s too much. This will only distract people from your beautiful face but their attention will only be on the jewelry that you are wearing.

7. Ignoring Cleaning Instruments

Not Cleaning Closet

The excitement of new clothes completely makes us forget the care and cleaning which it requires. You have spent a lot on your closet so take care of your clothes to avoid further expenditures.

8. Not Tailoring the Clothes

Not Tailoring the Clothes

For looking fashionable and good all the time, make sure you always wear clothes that are tailored or that fit you perfectly. It is a very common mistake that we tend to make. But trust us 
Wearing clothes that look as if they are made for you only will give you a complete look.


So girls after reading this, you must be thinking that these are mistakes that we all are guilty of. But it’s never too late to fix the mistakes.
It’s all about finding the perfect combinations and following the trends that will suit you and your body type.