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How to Become an Interior Designer After 12th - The Complete Guide

How to Become an Interior Designer After 12th - The Complete Guide

How to become an interior designer after 12th, do you always get compliments for your interior design? Do you like decorating rooms and furniture? If the answer to these questions is 'yes' for you, then you can make a career as an interior designer.

Since what you want to become in your life is a very important question, as well as its right or wrong, both circumstances change life, so before deciding to make a career as an interior designer, design Getting information about the world is very important.

How to become an interior designer after 12th 

As an interior designer, you face a new challenge [challenge] every day and some of them will make you feel very good and some will even seem boring to you. Therefore, before adopting it as your career, it is necessary that you know some things, which are described below:

The question that comes to the mind of many of us is what is interior design? So let us tell you today what is interior design, and how to become an interior designer after 12th

After doing the interior design course, you get a degree to decorate any house, office, clinic etc. Apart from this, the look of the offices has completely changed with the arrival of multinational companies in the country. Such companies attach great importance to the interior decoration of their offices. This has greatly increased the demand for interior decorators.

Interior designer work

The job of an interior designer is very challenging. Nowadays, due to the nuclear family, flat culture has arisen. This has made the role of interior designer very special. 

In small houses, arranging goods according to the whole family, decorating even less space beautifully, and this work can be done by interior designers only. They have to decorate according to the place and budget of the customers.

The job of the interior designer to choose colors according to the place, table or sofa or any other furniture. Also how the lights should be and decorative items also have to be taken care of. Many times, on the demand of customers, you also have to decorate according to condition. While decorating the house, keeping in mind everyone's choice, children's room, elderly room, study rooms, kitchen all have to be decorated in different ways.

Interior designer qualities

To become an interior designer, it is necessary to have some other qualities along with educational qualifications you can also become an interior designer after 12th. If you also have the following qualities then you can also apply for this course.
It is very important to understand the changing trends in you.

You must have creativity in you.

It is also necessary to have strong imagination power. This will bring new concepts to your mind.Many times you have to make designs and explain them, so it is very important to have knowledge of drawings and arts.
Your communication skills should also be good so that you can spread your ideas to others.

Knowledge of the real estate field is also necessary to achieve success as an interior designer. By knowing the real estate field, you will be able to find out what kind of material is being used in the building, house or commercial place. And what kind of designs are trending.

Educational qualification for interior designing course

If you want to do interior designer course then you must have minimum educational qualification of 12th. Candidates who have passed the twelfth from any discipline can apply for this course.

After twelfth you can do diploma course, degree course or certificate course. You can apply for interior design courses even after graduation. 

There are PG diploma courses or degree courses after graduation. There are different courses for one to three years for interior designing. In this you can do diploma or degree course as per your convenience. This is the procedure and details for how to become an interior designer after 12th.

Interior Designing Course Details

Interior designing is a specialized course in itself. But if you want, under this you can also specialize in room designing, kitchen designing, office designing, home decor etc. These days most interior decorators are specialized in a field. To become an interior designer, you can do courses like Bachelor in Interior Design, BA in Interior Architecture and Design, Diploma in Interior Space and Furniture Design, PG Diploma in Interior Design.

Interior designer course duration

There are many different courses in the field of interior designing as well. You can do any of these interior decoration courses according to your educational qualification.

Course Name: Diploma in Interior Design
Course duration: 1 year

Course Name: PG Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration
Course duration: 1 year

Course Name: Diploma in Interior Design
Course duration: 2 years

Course Name: Advance Diploma in Interior
Course duration: 2 years

Course Name: Bachelor of Architecture
Course duration: 2 years

Course Name: BSc in Interior Design
Course duration: 3 years

Scope in interior designing

After doing an interior designing course, you can work in a company as a decorator. Apart from this you can join and work with an architectural firm, studio and theater, exhibition organizer and company such as event planner. You can also work in a good multinational company.

If you want, you can start your own business by making it your personal business. But at the beginning of career, it is more right to work in a firm or by joining with a company. It also shows you the right way to work and increases the practical knowledge and experience. If you want, you can work for any hotel, resort, hospital, and shopping complex. You can also start your career by staying in contact with a builder or architect or working with them.

Topics covered under Interior Designer Course

If you are thinking to enroll for becoming an interior decorator, and then let us tell you which subjects you will have to study under these courses. The names of the subjects are as follows.

  • Art & Basic Design
  • Furniture design
  • Furnishing and fitting
  • History of interior design
  • Construction and Materials
  • Services Professional Management - Estimating and Budgeting
  • Display, computer-aided designing
  • Lettering
  • Properties of Material and Paint Technology

Interior designer salary per month 

The income of interior decorators depends on the work done by them. In the early days of your career, you can earn from 10 thousand rupees to 25 thousand rupees every month. 

As experience increases, your demand among people also starts increasing. And your income can increase from 40 thousand to one lakh rupees per month. This is the close idea of Interior designer salary per month.


This is the complete guide for how to become an interior designer after 12th, carrier, course, and Interior designer salary per month. The article is really informative hope it will clear your doubt if you like this article kindly visit our website Gurukul institution for more blogs related to fashion design, interior design, and jewellery design.