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How To Become Fashion Designer

How To Become Fashion Designer

Want to know how to become fashion designer in the industry. Do not worry guys; here is a complete guide that will surely help you in achieving your goals.

Many young people dream to be a fashion designer, but that does not mean that they cannot enter the profession. With the skills mentioned below, you will surely be a successful fashion designer. Also one should know the fashion designing courses and subjects being offered at various fashion designing institutes.Qualities are mention below for how to become fashion designer


Highly Creative & Artistic

An inbuilt sense of creativity and drive to make things artistic is extremely important in the fashion designing world. Creative imagination and the artist in you will together give you wings and the necessary instincts to turn the raw materials into a beautiful finished garment or wearable. Also stay aware with the tools required for designing.

Great Drawing Skills

If you have good drawing skills, then your work is done because some people struggle a lot with drawing skills. Strong drawing and sketching skills are must for a fashion designer. This is important because designers need to pen down the concept. 

Great Drawing Skills

Good Eye for Detailing

A fashion designer should have great sense of detailing. Fashion designing is such a field which has a lot of meticulous work and requires fine detailing. So a good designer must have an eye for details.

Creative and Artistic


Great Sense of Texture, Color and Fabric

You cannot become a successful designer if you do not have a good taste for textures, color and fabrics. This skill cannot be overlooked even if you are good at creativity and drawing. One should know that which color combinations, fabrics and texture will make a piece of cloth stand out and flattering.

Color, Texture of Material

Strong Visualization Skills

Visualization skills is important because a designer must be able to see what does she wants in a long term journey and how a dress should come out. This will help in jotting down the idea onto the paper.
If you these skills, you can also think of becoming an interior designer or a jewellery designer.

Designing not only means fashion designing nowadays. So, know how to become an interior designer, what courses and subjects to pursue to become a jewellery designer.



STEP 1: Complete a Degree Program

If you are thinking about how to bacome a become a fashion designer, along with having the above-mentioned skills you should also complete a degree program. Interested students can apply for the various courses available. In Jaipur, Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology is best fashion designing institute in the city.

Degree Program

STEP 2: Sharpen the Skills with Experience  
If you want to sharpen your skills, then get practical knowledge of whole fashion industry. Get an internship under a good fashion house. This will not only help in sharpening your skills but also give you an idea how the actual fashion world works.

STEP 3: Learn the Business
Every work or dream comes with a business attached to it. So along with learning the work also learn how to make the business work in all the aspects. There are hell lot of things that goes behind a fashion house or a fashion designer. You need to understand all the business part as well. Example- finance, sales, marketing etc. to become fashion designer.

STEP 4: Have a Portfolio

In order to show your work in future for getting a secured work you need to have a portfolio. This portfolio should have all the works that you have done till date. It should always stay updated. Do not wait for someone to tell you to make a portfolio, start making it from the very beginning i.e. during the degree program. Portfolio will allow you to show people the range of skills you possess.

Have A Portfolio

STEP 5: Keep Up With Trends
Fashion changes from time to time. So it becomes very important to match pace with the changing trends.


How to become fashion designer this question held on every mind .With the above mentioned skills and steps you will surely end up becoming a great and successful fashion designer. In Jaipur, contact Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology for interior designing courses and jewellery designing courses.

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