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How to Make Dress Design at Home – Step by Step Guide

How to Make Dress Design at Home – Step by Step Guide

This article will give you an outline of how to make dress design at home by following the patterns. Every fashion designer wants to learn this and this is the very basic step that a fashion designer learns. 

Whether it be a saree dress design, long dress design, dress neck design, dress back neck design, or any latest dress design; a fashion designer should be able to design it all. Read the articles and learn how to make dress design at home.

Through this easy step by step guide , you will get to know how to draw a dress pattern using tools and pattern paper to fancy dress design yourself from existing clothes. Also, it will cover the main ways of creating a pattern for a dress design.

Let us now explore the way of drawing a dress design pattern and most importantly, how to make a dress pattern. Go through the below-given step by step guide which includes the tools required for design dresses and also the various qualifications and skills you require to become a fashion designer from scratch.The problem of how to make dress design at home will be solved in this article.

How to Make Dress Design at Home Step By Step

METHOD 1: See and Copy the Pattern of a Dress design


•    Chalk:  It is used to draw and trace the pattern of the dress design on to a paper. You can use this paper as your design template.
•    Paper: A paper is required which is semi-transparent, light and which can be used for tracing a  long dress design. Example- baking paper, grease paper or brown postal paper etc.
•    A flat surface: Before starting the work looks for a flat surface so that you can spread out the things for making a dress design. Avoid using rough and uneven surfaces and also avoid soft surfaces like carpets etc as these will also not keep the garment flat for tracing work etc.
•    Fabric: It is the most important item that is required to make your own dress design. Select any fabric of your choice but try to use a simple fabric like cotton for the first attempt.

STEP BY STEP GUIDE for How to Make Dress Design at Home:

STEP 1: Trace the Seams with Chalk

•    Mark the major seams of the dress using chalk. It is suggested starting with the largest piece first followed by small patterns like sleeves or collars.
•    After completing the tracing for front and dress neck, do the same for the dress back neck design. Try to creative with this and don’t exactly copy the given dress design. Try your own creativity and new design.

STEP 2: Spread Out the Paper Pattern

•    Flatten and spread the paper you are using to draw the dress designs on to the hard surface that you have selected.
•    Try to keep the paper smooth and steady to keep the fancy dress design neat. Use your hands, knees etc to keep the paper steady.

STEP 3: Flatten the Original Piece of Fabric on Top of the Paper

•    Spread the sample dress flat on the paper which you are using to trace. This should be kept on the hard surface that you are using.
•    By using 1 hand to keep the dress steady, use the other to rub the back of the cloth onto the paper being used. The chalk that was used to mark the seams on the original dress will get copied onto the paper, showing the outlines of the latest dress design.

STEP 4: Trace the Perimeter of the Largest Area

•    Keep the dress in place again after the previous step by using pins to keep the fabric secured. This step makes the process easy.
•    By using chalk, trace the perimeter of the largest area of the dress. Do this for both the section front and back.

STEP 5: Repeat Same for Back and Small Piece

•    Just as you did for drawing front and back portion of the dress separately, follow the same for smaller pieces like sleeves, collars.
•    Do not forget to leave space between each drawing if you are using a single piece of paper. If you draw each portion too close to each other, then it will become difficult for you to cut it later on when transferred on to the fabric.

STEP 6: Sketch Seam Allowance and Cut

•    After all the portions have been sketched on the paper by chalk, draw one more outline around each piece. Leave a few centimeters between the original seamline and perimeter. This is the space that will be used for cutting the fabric easily.
•    Cut the paper following the additional lines that you just drew. Take care of the original seam line drawn around the original dresses design.

Tips and Warnings:

•    This is just a rough guide on how to make design a dress at home; you should also consult others while deciding the best method.
•    While following the above steps, take care of the way the clothing you are currently wearing fits well at the seams.
•    Do not use scissors or any other cutting tools while someone else is holding the fabric.
•    Also experiment with other fabrics for latest dress design.


Now that you have an idea of how to make dress design at home, then you can think of becoming a fashion designer and design various dresses like saree dress design, dress neck designs, boy dress deigns, long dress designs, etc. You can make your dress design. Hope dress design guide is really helpful.

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