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Ideas for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Interior Designing

Ideas for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Interior Designing


Eco-Friendly Interior Designing

It is on the designer’s part to take into consideration even about the people living in the house. One cannot always think about the beauty of the house. Keeping beauty aside for a bit, a designer should also give a thought to the health of the owners and visitors of the house.

Interior designing not only includes aesthetics but also considers proper usage and selection of items, materials that are going to be used on the parameters that it should not be harmful to one’s health. 
In short, when one wants to take care of the designing aspect as well as the health aspect of people, then clearly it points towards Eco-Friendly Interior Designing.

Nowadays, all the big and best interior designing schools/institutes have included eco-friendly designing in their curriculums as well. Let us go through some of these eco-friendly ideas, and don’t worry you don’t need to hire a designer for these; you can make your home nature-friendly just by following these easy tips.


Ideas for Eco-Friendly Interior Designing


1. Use Plants as Decorations

Plants as Decoration

Having plants in your house as decorative items- nothing can be better than this ides. Plants help in filtering the air and in removing the harmful chemicals from the room. Not only it adds to the beauty of your house giving it a natural and fresh ambiance but also provides many health benefits. For improving the air quality, place bamboo palm, peace lilies, etc.

2. Use Energy-Efficient Lightening

Energy Efficient Lights

Using lights that energy-efficient will not only help the environment but also the users. Using a compact fluorescent light will help you save energy and electricity. So while shopping for the lights look into the labels and select those that are energy-efficient.

3. Let sunlight In

Letting sunlight in and maximizing daylight is a smart way of creating eco-friendly interiors. This can be done by using skylights and open shades. Using sunlight instead of electrical lighting can be of great benefit as it saves electricity bills and keeps us away from pollutants that are emitted from lights.

4. Use Natural And Organic Materials

Using natural and organic materials is best for having eco-friendly interiors. But it can cost you a little more. For this, you have to get rid of plastic, particleboard and chromed metal.

5. Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings

Eco-Friendly Wall Coverings

For the walls choose paints that do not emit harmful chemicals or you can also choose wallpapers to cover the walls. You can even use wood panels, ceramic tiles or cork; all these are eco-friendly. These will surely make the walls look beautiful.

6. Use Energy-Efficient Windows

Even windows account for eco-friendly interiors. Select windows that are lined with a special coating to reflect heat give insulation. It will keep your rooms warm in cold seasons.

7. Use Low VOC Content Products

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are very harmful to health. These are found in paints, furniture, carpets, household products, etc. So while you are looking for these items, make sure you select those items that do not emit VOC or has low VOC content.

8. Use Furniture Made From Natural Wood

Wooden Furniture

While choosing furniture, you will use furniture that is made from organic materials. It can be made of wood blocks, while the tops can be made of marble or stone.

9. Clean with Natural Products

Getting rid of unwanted chemicals is easier than it sounds. The web/internet is full of such DIY home cleaners, using which can make everything chemical-free. These home-made cleaners are easy to make and can be used for a good length of time.
10. Other Considerations

Apart from above-mentioned ideas, here are some points which can also be considered:
•    Flooring can also be made of wood or stones. Instead of vinyl flooring, for instance, use wood or stone Cork or linoleum (which is made from jute and is bacteria-resistant and biodegradable.
•    Use recycled and recyclable materials (e.g. repurposed items, reclaimed wood) for furniture and decorations.
•    To cut down on transportation costs and emissions, use local materials wherever possible.

It’s indeed great to have an eco-friendly house which not only will benefit you but also everyone who visits your house. By having an eco-friendly house, you are doing your bit to save Mother Earth which would help the living organisms. Just follow these easy tips and then feel the difference.

Along with these Eco-Friendly tips do have a look at The Elements of Interior Designing also for a better and beautiful interior.