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Know The Interesting Facts About fashion By Gurukul Institution.

Know The Interesting Facts About fashion By Gurukul Institution.

If you’re a fashion geek, you might be aware that Coco Chanel invented the “little black dress,” and Valentino Garavani popularized red dresses. But surely, there are still many fashion-related facts you may not know about.

Here is a list of 10 Facts on fashion which you might not know:











1. Origin of Jeans


The word ‘jeans’ came from the word ‘genes’, the local term for Genoan sailors who used to wear cotton pants then.

2. Shoes Sole Considered As Insult

Shoes are considered dirty in Arab culture because they are in direct contact with the ground and cover the foot. It is considered offensive to show one’s shoe sole and throwing a shoe at someone is taken as an extreme grave insult.

3. Big Thanks to Queen Victoria for White Wedding Dress Fashion

White Wedding Dress

Earlier wearing white clothes was associated with mourning, until Queen Victoria decided to wear a white dress on her wedding day.

4. Dolls were used as Fashion Models before 1853

Since the 15th century, fashion designers represent the new clothing lines by making small versions or doll cloth versions to put on small dolls. Did you know the reason behind this fashion fun fact? Believe us it is interesting- because there were no real human fashion models until at that time.

5. High Heels

High Heels

High-heeled footwear has been present since the 16th century, but it used to be worn as a status symbol by both men and women. By the 1580s, men started to wear high heels for extra stability in riding horses, as it keeps the foot from slipping in stirrups. 

6. Wearing Black

Wearing Black

During the 19th century, if you wear black and you weren’t mourning for the death of someone, you will be considered dangerously unusual. The women of the Victorian era were expected to dress in black mourning clothes for two years after their husbands’ deaths and that started the tradition of wearing black at funerals.

7. British Hat

British Hat

The most remarkable item in British fashion is the hat, which they used to wear on formal occasions. Ever wondered why? This fashion tradition started when Queen Elizabeth I mandated law in 1571 that required anyone over the age of 7 to wear hats on holidays. The queen must have loved hats so much that anyone who refused to follow the law would be fined.

8. Buttons on Jacket Sleeves

Buttons on Jacket Sleeves.

Bonaparte must have cared so much about good hygiene. Napoleon Bonaparte ordered that his army’s uniforms must have brass buttons on the jacket sleeves to prevent his soldiers from wiping either their nose or mouth clean with their uniforms. It’s unlikely that a war dictator would contribute something to fashion. 

9. Skirts are an Ancient Fashion

Today widely used, skirts are the second oldest garment in history. Plus, skirts were not intended only for women. In fact, during earlier times, both men and women wore them.

10. Eyebrows on Fleek

Eyebrows On Fleek

Nowadays, no girl will leave her house without just the right makeup done. And when we talk about the makeup, we mean flawless eyebrows. While bushy eyebrows are a trend today, fashionistas during the Renaissance period used to shave them off. Take Mona Lisa for example.


We told you all in the beginning only, these facts are not only interesting but a bit weird also. But now you know them all.