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Learn about the various kinds of Trending Indian Jewellery.

Concept of decking up oneself with ornaments made of different materials or jewellery is age-old in India. Indian women and jewellery since then have a great bonding and combination. The tradition is still alive and with time it has only got intensified. It is an art of making beautiful ornaments, with acuity and delicacy, has been developed since the historic times.

You name it and you have it - Jewellery for almost every part of the body - neck, nose, fingers, hair, ankles, waist, wrist, ears, arms etc.

In India, you can get jewellery for each and every attire. Jewellery is designed to match with the attire. While designing the jewellery shape, size, color etc everything is taken into consideration. To make the ornaments more attractive and beautiful, they are even topped by precious gems like diamonds, ruby, emeralds etc.

Even now the Jewellery Designing Institutes and schools and especially in Jaipur, Rajasthan have included this in their curriculum to tech about each and every type of jewellery, so that students get to know about the various types available.

Let us also go through the various types and categories of jewellery:

Antique Jewellery
The Antique Jewellery has rough and dim appearance, combined with old-world charm which is the USP of such jewellery. Its production is not mainstream nowadays.

Bead Jewelry
Bead Jewellery is 5ooo year old concept and of the Indus Valley Civilization time in India. People at that time used beads of silver, gold, copper, clay, wood, and even ivory.

Bridal Jewelry
Jewellery made of superior quality metals and excellent designs enhances the beauty of a bride. These days silver & platinum jewellery is gaining popularity.

Custom Jewelry
Custom Jewellery means jewellery that is made according to the interest and fancy of the customer. This also gives full freedom to customers about the specifications they want in the jewellery.

Fashion Jewelry
Fashion jewellery, also known as costume jewellery because it is not made of precious stones and metals instead it’s made of lighter and cheaper materials.

Gold Jewelry
Gold has been considered auspicious among Hindus and is regarded symbolic of Lashmi-the Goddess of Wealth. It is used by women to adorn themselves.

Handmade jewelry
A major part of jewellery production in India is produced by independent craftsmen by hands. Jewellery that is made without the help of machines is called handmade jewellery.

Ivory Jewelry
Jewellery that is made up of from the ivory or tusk of an elephant is called Ivory Jewellery. 

Jadau Jewelry
Jadau Jewellery also known as engraved jewellery, the concept of it was brought by the Mughals into India. It majorly belongs to the state of Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Kundan Jewelry
The art of kundan work was brought to Rajasthan from Delhi. Later on, many craftsmen migrated to Rajasthan and formed a hub of kundankari.

Meenakari Jewelry
Meenakari Jewellery is that jewellery in which precious stones are set first and then enameled with gold. This art was brought in Rajasthan by Raja Mansingh of Amer. 

Navratna Jewelry
In this jewellery 9 auspicious stones are used in a single piece of jewellery. It is done because of the belief that the 9 stones together takes care of the well-being of the person who wears it.

Silver Jewelry
Silver Jewelry, is also quite popular amongst Indian women just like the gold jewellery.

Stone Jewelry
Jewellery made of different stones is quite popular in India. Due to reasons attached to it having spiritual, aesthetic, health etc meanings have made them a part of Indian men and women both.

Hope now you know all the types of jewellery available. Next time you go jewellery shopping, you know what type of jewellery you want. To know more about Trending Jewellery, fashion etc you can visit our other blogs.