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Scope of Fashion Designing in India | 2020 Guide

Scope of Fashion Designing in India | 2020 Guide

In the last few years, Fashion Designing has become very popular in India. Does that increase scope of fashion designing in India? More and more people have now started looking at fashion designing as a good career option for both - boys and girls.

People now have better lifestyles as compared to earlier so they can even spend more on fashion and attire. As a result, the requirement for Fashion designers and the scope of fashion designing in India has increased so that they can create new garments, fabrics,  different types of dresses, etc for different types of people. Thus, we can easily say that scope of fashion designing in India has increased.

Fashion designer job scope has increased and now a career in fashion designing is considered as financially rewarding. Amongst the creative youth fashion designing has become quite popular. Anyone with a passion has a bright scope of fashion designing in India opens a world of success and opportunities for herself as fashion designing is amongst the most lucrative and glamorous career choices. Also, the field is full of intense competition and challenges.

Students of fashion designing enjoy a lot of career choices as they complete the profession fashion designing course or BSC in fashion designing.

•Now fashion designers have multiple options which include researching, designing, production, etc.

•Fashion Designing aspirants are free to join garment manufacturing companies, fashion houses, and export units, etc. just after their studies are completed.

•The scope of fashion designing in India is not only limited to garments. It accumulates many other aspects such as jewelry, accessories, footwear, etc.



Fashion Designer

Fashion Designers create new products according to the latest trends prevailing in the fashion marketplace. As per this role, fashion designers are the key and main players when it comes to the fashion industry. If you think you are creative, can think out of the box, hard-working and can handle all kinds of pressure with a positive attitude, then you are going to be suitably rewarded for your talent with a fulfilling career as a fashion designer.

Fashion Illustrator

A Fashion Illustrator’s responsibility includes preparing the primary sketches of the idea expressed by the fashion designer. In order to prepare the sketches, the designers explain to the illustrator what they want. An illustrator is a person who helps in bringing the ideas and creations of the fashion designer into the world and paper.

Fashion Stylist

The job of Fashion Stylist is to maintain the makeup, personal grooming,  dress code, hairstyle, etc. for making sure that the fashion models who are participating in a fashion show look their best. They are the ones who help the models dress and prepare for showcasing the creations of designers in different fashion shows. With the increase in fashion shows in India, the requirement and scope of fashion stylists will be in great demand. There is a lot of scope of fashion designing in India.

Fashion Coordinator

The Fashion Coordinator is assigned with the responsibility of managing the arrangements and the marketing policies of fashion designing house or a company. They do not have any relation to the task of designing. Their responsibilities include organizing fashion shows, advertising products, etc.

Fashion Consultant

Fashion Consultants work independently. They work for their clients and help them develop and create their personal and professional image. A Fashion Consultant should be fully aware of everything – new trends, fashion products, etc.

Fashion Merchandiser

To become a fashion merchandiser, one has to study the latest fashion trends to determine numerous strategies so that fashion product provider/retail store can merchandise. The role of a fashion merchandiser includes analyzing the past and prevailing fashion trends along with sales figures.

A merchandiser should have knowledge of fabrics, textures, fashion products, market demand, etc. What is the scope of fashion designing in India confusion solved?




•A Sense of achievement and accomplishment is experienced when you see top models wearing your designs.
•Starting your own small-scale business makes you independent once you have enough knowledge and experience.
•Job as a Fashion Designer is well-paid now and is a box full of opportunities with multiple shows happening.
•The job will give you many opportunities to travel & the scope of fashion designing in India is increased day by day.


•Long working hours to meet the deadlines.
•Getting distressed is normal when harsh criticism comes from customers.
•Short-tempered people might find it difficult to deal with different types of customers.
•It requires a great amount of time, patience and hard work to prove your worth and build your reputation and name in the market.
•The fashion industry is competitive, hence one needs to stand out and build a brand.

Fashion Designing Courses 

•Diploma in Fashion Design
•Diploma in Fashion Business Management
•Diploma in Visual Merchandising
•Diploma in Fashion and Lifestyle
•B.Sc in Fashion and Apparel Design
•Undergraduate Diploma in Fashion Design
•Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Design
•Postgraduate Diploma in Fashion Communication


The scope of fashion designing in India is really increasing rapidly. So, to become a Fashion Designer, you just got complete your education by doing B,Sc in Fashion Designing scope or any other course and you are ready to go. If you are looking for the best Fashion Designing Institute Jaipur, then Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology is one that provides various courses like fashion designing courses, jewellery designing courses, and interior designing courses. For any queries, you can contact us.