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Seven Tips on How to Keep Old Jewellery as New on this Diwali

Seven Tips on How to Keep Old Jewellery as New on this Diwali

Lotion, everyday dust and dirt, soaps can clog the jewellery pieces that you wear every day or on certain special occasions as now in the festive season of Diwali. This dust and dirt can make your jewellery appear dull and lifeless.

After spending a bag on expensive and luxury and different types of jewellery pieces, it makes sense to use them fully to get the best out of them. Be it any jewellery, taking care of how to store them and clean them can ensure that they last longer. Be it the Jewellery for Men or for festive Jewellery for Women, every piece demands care.

So, here are certain tips on how to store and clean the precious jewellery pieces.






Clean the Jewellery before Storage

As we all are aware of the frequent weather changes, the sweat, moisture etc will change the colour the jewellery pieces. So it becomes important to clean them properly before storing them. Wipe off all the dust, sweat and moisture from the jewellery pieces and store them at the concealed places.

Zip-Locks/Airtight Boxes

Airtight Boxes

Always store the jewellery pieces in airtight boxes or zip locks if you want to preserve the polish of the pieces for a longer time. Pearls should be wrapped in a soft cloth or a cloth-lined jewellery box to maintain the quality and shine.

Avoid Wearing it Every Time

As we know how much women love to wear jewellery pieces, but don’t wear it all day long. We all have so much work to do, so avoid wearing delicate jewellery pieces while gymming, cooking, swimming or while doing any household work.

Separation is Important

Avoid keeping two different types of jewellery in one box. It is important as it will prevent your baubles from moving here and there and will also prevent them from getting scratched or broken.

Use Anti-Tarnish Paper

Anti-Tarnishing Paper

For storing the jewellery, always try to wrap them in an anti-tarnish paper or an eyeglass paper to maintain the shine and lustre of the jewellery for long.


Always make a point to clean the jewellery with lukewarm water, mild soap and soft brushes. Dry the jewellery pieces thoroughly before storing them. You can also use a metal polishing cloth to remove tarnish.

Wear it at the End

While getting ready, never put the jewellery first. It should be done after the use of lotions, perfume and make-up to avoid damage.


Follow these tips this festive season and you will never have dull jewellery pieces ever again. These tips will surely make your old jewellery pieces look new and fresh.