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Subjects in Fashion Designing | Become Fashion Designer

Subjects in Fashion Designing | Become Fashion Designer

There are various courses and subjects in Fashion Designing available. Changes in fashion are reflected in the aesthetics of an era. Women who are in the limelight have always impacted the trends in the fashion industry inspiring millions across the globe. So if you also aspire to inspire people and Become a Fashion Designer, you got to first understand the courses and subjects available in Fashion Designing.

Fashion Designing requires skillful art of working with different fabrics, playing with colors, styles, cuts, etc to create the apparel. Fashion Designing is not limited to only clothes; it includes designing accessories as well. This article will take you through different fashion designing subjects that you will be studying in a Fashion Designing Course. A small tip, do Consider Certain Points Before Pursuing Fashion Degree.

Why Pursue Fashion Designing?

The fashion industry being of the biggest industries is filled with various and great career opportunities and options. Pursuing fashion designing will surely help you in enhancing your creativity along with exploring the technical aspects of the fashion industry. The fashion designing course can help you develop skills related to garment construction, pattern building, fashion illustration, graphic designing, analyzing the market trends and the audience.  The course also tells about The Tools Required in Fashion Designing.
The course and the subjects involved in fashion designing aims at providing a creative exploration along with specific skills and techniques to understand the industry to a candidate or a designer.

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What Does A Fashion Designer Do?

What Fashion Designers Do?

You might not know this but it takes months to bring cloth from designing stage to the production stage in fashion designing. A designer is involved in each and every stage of the whole process.
Some of the major responsibilities of the designer are:

•    Analyzing trends to understand what styles, fabric and colors will become popular in the future.
•    Designing fabrics and patterns based on the trend findings.
•    Sketching designs accordingly.
•    Visiting manufacturers or trade shows to get samples and match fabrics to appropriate designs.

A designer applies several ways to create a basic design. Also, keep in mind to avoid Common Fashion Mistakes to become a great fashion designer in the industry. This is the stage where a designer transforms his vision into a sketch. Gurukul Institution is one of the Top Fashion Designing colleges in Jaipur
Fashion Designing Subjects: Graduate in Fashion Designing

1.  Fashion Designing Subjects: First Year
•    Fashion Orientation (including workshops and guest lectures)
•    Fashion Illustration 
•    Basics of Design Illustration and Draping
•    Study of Art and Costumes
•    Pattern Drifts- 1
•    Construction Techniques

2.   Fashion Designing Subjects: Second Year
•    Surface Design Techniques
•    Pattern Drifting – 2
•    Graphic Studies in Fashion Designing
•    Fashion Merchandising and Marketing
•    Fashion Illustrations and Draping

3.  Fashion Designing Subjects: Third Year
•    Industry Internship
•    Introduction to Couture Culture
•    Men and Women Clothing
•    Costume Designing 
•    Development of Portfolios 
•    Fashion Forecasting 
•    Final Presentation of Designs
Fashion Designing Subjects: BSc in Fashion Designing 

B.Sc Fashion Designing is a 3-year degree program consisting of the following subjects:

•    Introduction to Fashion and Design
•    Fashion Art and Design 
•    Construction of Garments and Patterns
•    Fashion Illustration and Design
•    Textiles Processing
•    Fashion Retailing, Merchandising and Marketing
•    Draping and Needle Craft
•    Garment Surface Ornamentation 
•    Apparel Quality Management
•    Computer Designing 
•    Clothing Culture and Communication
•    Entrepreneurship Development
•    Design Collection and Portfolio Building
Fashion Designing Subjects in a PG Diploma in Fashion Designing and Communication

PG Diploma in Fashion Designing is a 2-year degree program consisting of the following subjects:

1.   Fashion Designing Subjects: First Year
•    History of Fashion and Design
•    Fashion Psychology
•    Graphic Designing
•    Fashion Merchandising and Visual Communication
•    Fashion Forecasting and Illustrations
•    Workshop Calligraphy
•    Workshop Hair and Makeup
•    Fashion Styling and Graphic Designing
•    Photography
•    Internship

2.   Fashion Designing Subjects: Second Year
•    Fashion Styling and Illustration
•    Typography
•    Packaging Design
•    Fashion Journalism
•    Brand Management
•    Fashion Styling and Consumer Analyses
•    Internship
•    Workshop Professional Practice
•    Live Project
Fashion Designing Subjects Involved in Diploma of Fashion Designing and Communication

Diploma in Fashion Designing is a 1-year diploma program which includes following subjects:

•    Introduction to Fashion Designing
•    Introduction to Textile Science
•    Introduction to Fashion Accessory
•    Garment Construction and Pattern 
•    Fashion Illustration 
•    Fashion Ornamentation
•    Fashion Management and Merchandising
•    Computer Aided Designing
•    Product Specification
•    Fashion Marketing and Management
•    Brand Management
•    Project Work
Career Prospects in Fashion Designing

The fashion industry is a huge sector. There is huge number of opportunities in fashion designing. Here is a list of different job positions:

•    Fashion Designer
•    Assistant Fashion Buyer
•    Fashion Brand Manager
•    Designing Manager 
•    Personal Stylist
•    Celebrity Stylist
•    Production Manager
•    Quality Controller
•    Warehouse Specialist
•    Garment Executive
•    Design Manager
•    Fashion Curator
•    Designer
•    Fashion Illustrator
•    Entrepreneur
Designing Courses in India

There are several Designing Courses in Institutes across India. The courses provide industrial exposure. Fashion Designing Courses in India also offer exposure to other forms of designing such as textile designing, jewelry designing.

•    Textile Designing: This course provides the knowledge of basic designing and structural designing. Embroideries, print weave and texture requires a lot of emphasis.

•    Jewellery Designing: This course covers the essentials of Jewellery Designing. It requires lots of creativity. In Jaipur Gurukul Institution provides Jewellery Designing Courses also.


In this article, we have covered almost the major fashion designing subjects of different degree-level courses. Now you know at least have an idea of the fashion designing. So without any doubts you can join the Fashion Designing  College. Gurukul Institution of Fashion Technology also provides Interior Designing Courses. For any query or enquiry, you can Contact Gurukul Institution.