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Jewellery Designing

Jewellery Designing

GIFT is also considered a jewellery designing institute in Jaipur provides jewellery design course in Jaipur. Today, the worldwide situation of jewellery, a developing number of sorts and assortments speaking to a wide scope of curatorial undertakings and openings: display territories, open and private shows, biennials, fairs, stages, and varied showcases. Offering in the field of adornments of GIFT ranges from curatorship and minimal designing to aesthetic creation.

In India, jewellery has always been a symbol of status and tradition and today it has in fact become a style statement. Gurukul, being one of the top jewellery designing institute in Jaipur, urges its students to investigate and explore theoretically and imaginatively in the ways by which contemporary creative practice and critical hypothesis can interrelate.

Jewellery has for centuries, been the cornerstone of India’s global fashion status. The jewellery design course in Jaipur at Gurukul prepares you for creatively satisfying and highly lucrative jobs in the ever-expanding jewellery industry. We encourage and organize practical and industry training in order to make the learning experience more applicable to real-world situations.

India has been known for its jewellery designs for over thousands years. Our traditional roots entwined with the contemporary sensibility gives Indian jewellery an edge over others. Gurukul is one amongst the jewellery designing institute in Jaipur aims to identify talents in the adornment field and train them in a manner that their creativity and work is identified globally. The jewellery making institutes all over the country in specific and the globe, in general, has been thriving to accumulate designs from different traditions and mould them into their own creative perspectives which makes ornaments from different demographics look and feel different.

Jewellery has been an essential part of the lives of most of the prominent leaders and rulers along with the God figures from ancient times. Jaipur is a city of forts and ancient kings always had a pride in its Jewellery literacy and technology. The Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology considers jewellery an important part of the fashion world and aims to provide an experience and exposure to the aspirants who aspire to handcraft the beauty of Indian Divas and become a brand in the industry.

Jewellery Design Course in Jaipur is best provided at Gurukul, the faculty of our Institute constitutes of the most prominent experience holders in the field who have turned around the concept of jewellery making and have brought about a trending change, which is a perfect blend of ethnic feel with the funky finish. They hold their roots from the Best Jewellery Designing Institute of the country and Jewellery Designing Institute in Jaipur.

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Jewellery Design Course in Jaipur Offered at Gurukul Institute of Fashion Technology

* Professional Diploma in Jewellery Designing.

* Basic Jewellery Designing (3months).

* Basic Jewellery Designing (6months).

* Kundan Meena Jewelry Designing (6months).

* Victorian Jewellery Designing (3months).

* Silver Export Jewellery Designing (3months).

* Jewellery CAD Designing (RHIND) (3months).

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